Rain men and more winter

I simply cannot wait for the weather around me to get warmer.

I am already looking for my favorite, most comfortable, nice looking summer clothing. unfortunately, I lost my most favorite summer dresses a while ago and I didn’t get to enjoy them last summer.

 I think it happened when I came back from working in the city and just tossed away my clothing bag.  Therefore, I still have hopes they might be somewhere in this house.

Those dresses were super colorful and exactly my type, I really want to have them back..  The same bag also included a hand-made skirt that my aunt got me during a walk we took in Neve Tzedek, which is one of my favorite area in Tel-Aviv. So that skirt is precious. Come back to me little skirt.

I have to get myself more organized with my stuff.

So, yesterday I have received my Japanese visa!

Well, it is not a Visa yet. but it will be one after the embassy in New York sigh it.

This is my first Visa ever because I have never needed one before.  I feel like a real global person now.
My dad used to deal with a lot of American visa issues and when I was a kid I didn’t want him to get it so he won’t leave me.

My Visa has the world “Student” in English and Japanese bold letters on it. I know that if I weren’t a student my chances of getting a visa would have been slim. So there is something nice about getting a thing easily when under most circumstances it is hard to get.

The New York Times came up with their Kyoto 36 hours recommendations at a good timing:

can definitely come handy.

overall, I’m feeling as lazy as my cat nowadays.

some other things-

doodling with a regular ballpoint pen is fun and cheap. I’m actually coming to love it almost as much as I love coloring

now to finding those dresses

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