Shortly before my new adventures

this coming Monday I’ll be off to Hong Kong.
 I’ll wait there for about five hours, then go on my second flight to Osaka. From there I’m taking a shuttle to Kyoto. the whole thing will take almost two days of traveling, considering I’m traveling to meet the future.. and by the time I’ll write another post here I’m hoping to be where I’m supposed to be and rested.

I’m super excited. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.
my Japanese is bad. and I scorn the American thinking that everyone anywhere in the world has to speak english in order to serve the native English speakers’ needs. so I feel a bit imperialistic myself knowing I’m going to rely on English quite often. it’s not that I’m trying to be hard on myself. I’m quite sababa with what I CAN do, and even the fact that I’m able to communicate with English is spectacular to me.

It’s going to be the first time my parents and I will be so far away from each other for quite a long time. I love my parents and I know it’s going to be a challenging time without them nearby, but I’m also glad for the chance to experience this freedom and responsibility for myself. it’s gonna be fun. and healthy.

I’m traveling by myself, everyone I will meet in the next few months will be new. new people, new places, tastes, and sounds.
I’ve already had some adventures like this before( this might be drastic of them all tho).  i always love the idea of it and get super thrilled beforehand. I get this feeling of “let’s go for it!”. but then I’m having some hard time, I’m a natural loner, I don’t make friends easily. a lot of new people make me want to crawl back to my private cozy corner. it doesn’t go smooth!  Nevertheless, I’m always getting up stronger than before.

The weather in Kyoto will be twice warmer than here. thank you very much. I’m packing my summer clothes and it feels great.

some past things I made with a very noticeable Japanese theme!

3 thoughts on “Shortly before my new adventures

  1. האנגלית שלך מדהימה, ואהבתי את הסבבה שהכנת שם ;)שיהיה לך המון בהצלחה ♥♥♥


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