first day(s)

I had the longest day today, and it’s late and I’m tired so this might not be super coherent writing.

Japan is awesome. really, i’m so happy to be here. i arrived at the dorm yesterday night. the shuttle ride from Osaka to Kyoto was quite long, 3 hours, mostly in the dark. i was already after 30 hours of traveling(my flight from hong kong got delayed cause of rain storms). but the driver was really nice. i payed 30,000 yen instead of 3,000 because i was so sleepy but he gave it all back immediately with a big embarrassed smile..    
the dorm is really old, I’m on the fifth floor and there is no elevator. we take off hour shoes at the entrance and have special slippers for the house, special slippers for the showers as well.. overall i like it, it’s very simple and not for royalty, but it doesn’t cost much either so i didn’t expect anything more. 
i do need to buy a lot of kitchen stuff and that’s a pain.. but i’ll go to the 100 yen store to find some cheap pots and pans 
the rural area around the dorm is the most beautiful thing. i still have a lot to explore, but the houses are so very wooden and Japanese style, with nice flowers and bonsai trees. and there is so much GREEN all over. rice fields and grassy looking other things. love it. 
as you keep going south it all gets very urban though, and downtown is especially modern and has some spaceship looking buildings.
things like to talk in japan. talking elevators, talking ATMs, singing bathrooms. well why not
hearing “we are”, the One Piece nice and old opening theme song, at a huge 5 floors ‘everything’ store was exciting. 
i got my bike today, and it will be great to go on roll around with them. there is so much to see, and Kyoto is mostly flat( with lovely forestry mountains surrounding it) biking will be the best way. 
classes start on monday and I still have so much to figure out about my schedule!!#$@ I really hope i could manage class time with exploring time well. 
also, everyone is Japanese and they all speak Japanese. they speak Japanese to me as well lol. I’m glad I can catch some of it, otherwise it would’ve been rough. 
photos are coming soon!

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