pre weekend update

I have SO much to write about! however, sumimasen, I still think in Hebrew about a lot of the things I’m going through here in Japan, so giving them shape and form in English takes a bit from the excitement. that’s why this time I DO have some photos to share and decorate my poor descriptions with. hajimemashou!

This morning I went with two other exchange students(lovely ladies) from our dorm, Kino Ryo Minami, to the University. last night was really rainy so the air was heavy with an addicting after-the-rain scent, one of my most favorite things to start my morning with!

 the dorm

from the 10 minutes walk to the university:

Kyoto Seika Daigaku 
and from inside the campus:

I love this water thing, it is all over the campus. the sound is very relaxing.
the walls everywhere are full of posters, ads, and other interesting things, but this one also has nice kanji on it so here it is. 
I had to go to the photo ID machine to get 1 more Japanese type passport photo for my student ID card. but I got 6 of them cause this was the only option… so I have enough Japanese size passport photos for life. and I look really tired in all of them because it was a moment before I drank my morning coffee.
after the coffee, we went to the international office and met with more gaijin(foreign/alien, this word might have a bad connotation, but I’m going to use it often here so let’s get use to it) students. and these 3 Japanese lovely student ladies took us on the subway to this very formal office for our insurance&residence issues. Now, I have absolutely no idea how we would have managed without their blessed help.  there were SO MaNY forms to fill out, all in Japanese. and all the formal people in that formal place did not speak English and did not know what to do with us. we made everyone very nervous and confused there. we made them want to cry. most definitely.  but with the help of the lovely seika ladies and some translation work, we eventually went through it all. with a lot of arigato gozaimasues to all the office people.
at last, I could finally go to the restroom, and of course, I had to create the most embarrassing scene there. there were so many buttons in that bathroom cell! so I was looking for the one that flashes the water but pushed the “HELP” button instead, which turned an alarm on! I panicked and then pushed the “music” button, so there was some music as well with the siren. 2 lady officers came in asking if I was OK. and I came out of that cell all pink to welcome them with “daijoubu, daijoubu!, gomenasai , OK OK” lol
the embarrassing gaijin that i am
look at me with my grandma skirt 
Later on i had a japanese language level check. 2 nice old ladies sat with me privately in a small room and asked me a lot of questions( in japanese).  they have decided that i am of the “basic-intermediate ” level. and they are going to be my sensei, which means we will meet once a week to try and improve my japanese abilities… and they expect me to prepare for each meeting! oh boy
then I talked with Oha-san(a funny guy btw, he laughs a lot) a bit about classes. it seems like i’m gonna be busy soon… meh. well, at least, it’s going to be art busy. 
some more Seika photos:

see you later

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