Sakura anyone?

i’ve passed by(and through) a lot of it today.
honestly though, i find so many things here beautiful and stimulating that the Cherry blossoms  are just being sucked into the whole maelstrom i’m in.
nevertheless, i thank them for being:

this lady knows good food pleasures when she sees them!

at some point, the night was falling over Kyoto, and i was in heaven:
we discovered this amazing otera festival totally at a random call. it was AMAZING and way cooler than Disneyland. 

I swear i had the most wide dummy smile on my face during the whole thing. i probably looked like a serious drunker. 

night sakura ! isn’t that just too magnificent?

So it went like this: while a crowd of Japanese people was taking admiration photos of that queen sakura above; a crowd of gaijin people was taking photos of a bunch of happy japanese office men getting drunk under the cherry blossoms (i admit i also did that..)

cotton candy kamehameha 

this is a very accurate description of things:

she is eating again..

One thought on “Sakura anyone?

  1. תמונות מדהימות, הסאקורה כל כך יפה!!!והתמונה האחרונה בהחלט ממצה :))בהחלט כדאי להסתכל בשני הבלוגים שלך, בכל אחד יש עידכונים שונים 😀


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