Photos from the hood!

What I see around Iwakura (my neighborhood) and more.

I met with a lot of patient people lately!
The guy at Seven Eleven today did not speak English but still tried his best explaining about a lot of things. Such as how to activate my phone. He also asked how long I am going to stay in Japan and whether I’ve been enjoying my time here up until now.
At stores, it sometimes takes me a while to count the money that I am paying. Coins are very useful here, and people often help me count them or praise me when I do it right…

Being in Japan I get a great opportunity to improve my use of chopsticks (hashi), considering forks and knives are nowhere to be found most of the time. Well, that’s alright for most things, but i do need to buy some big spoons because i do not enjoy eating my salad with chopsticks, sorry.

I do have to get some other things too. Up high on my list are: A pillow, pan, pot, cups, cooking oil (MUST get Olive Oil!!), big bowl.   I’m probably forgetting something, right?

a demonstration against American bases 

Kino station. Right next to the dorm. I love taking the train from here.

Vending machines are EVERYWHERE( anime don’t lie about this thing). Vending machines will not leave you alone for a moment in Japan, no matter what you do, where you go, they are after you.  The problem: they want your money!

My Bike! Love love my bike

Water !

These kiddos are all over the Iwakura area(girls as well, no worries). Small children usually walk to school by themselves here so those wooden kids help them find their way 

The only peanut butter in the super market ( I didn’t buy this)

the local bakery 

Japanese love green tea, everywhere and in everything 

this store took my heart away

Bump of Chicken,  My favorite Japanese Band

SOba ~