Update with koi fish

My 22th birthday was the most amazing thing, many people noticed it and i was not expecting it lol. nevertheless i want to thank the world(my parents as well) for being alive, being in japan, having met with really fun and wonderful new people, living among a group of very interesting exchange students.   thanks everything. domo arigato.

this weekend was so busy, i couldn’t find the time to paint at all. but i’ll take care of it later. tomorrow i have to present some of my past work to my classmates, and say some things. i did not prepare anything for that either, but will very soon after posting this.

Before i forget, today i’ve been to a kamishibai performance with a bunch of 5 years old cuties all around me. didn’t understand the whole story, but the guy and the drawings were super splendid.

let’s start with the most awkward combination of things i ever bought in my life: spaghetti bolognese, green tea cookies, and pink blush

Honami created the loveliest party for me. but she is shy, so i’m just going to show some photos of her apartment, a magical place. i would gladly live there myself. 


morning, after we cleaned up a bit
this sign is for you in case you absolutely have to drink something and you cannot spot the vending machine behind you

an extremely Buddhist place 

 me in a strange pose
ul graveyard
(actually it wasn’t so peaceful ’cause three little boys were running around playing tag or something)

moomin things!

Jizo! i love them so much

look at this cutie

swans and a rude koi fish who got stuck in their private business

the same koi all by himself

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