oh no, two weeks with no update, what a shame. and my mom said she was impressed to see i was posting so much at the beginning. Got to keep impressing my mom.
truth is, my absence from here is due to a massive amount of recent photos i do not know how to deal with.  Which brings me to laziness. i also get a bit tired while looking at photos. Got to save my energy for the real thing. Afterall, there is so much to see.
see, i’m very much on the tip of my toes lately, i don’t sleep enough. Still can’t believe i’m in japan. A friend of mine, an exchange student as well, said  “well we have been here for a month, you better start believing.”

no. can’t. won’t.

Anyways, Nara!

let’s start with some deer presence, shall we?

drinks for all

this chunk of a dog was full of  fear and vigor  

this photo is dedicated to my dad, who never misses the opportunity to ask about politics. and whether Japan people have some flags around. they don’t, not really, but here is a flag. 
the Nara National Museum and a munchkin who run into the frame

where we ate lunch

…and this is my lunch. very scrumptious. 
market. so many markets in japan, my eyes are tired


fat Todai-ji mon being visited

Todai-ji Temple. it’s HUGE and AMAZING inside

me and lovely roots

polite sign
going up
view from up
going back down
dangerous but very cute

i almost forgot to mention that Di wore her super traditional Chinese custom during the whole time. i believe the deer got really excited about it. 



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