Umbrellas in Japan (very popular business)

Who needs an umbrella in Israel?  No one. Nevertheless, I’ve always liked umbrellas. Isn’t it just magical how you can keep walking in the rain, smell and hear it aggressively and vividly while staying so dry? It’s fantastic.

In the US, I enjoy the company of umbrellas much more often. I even tend to open my umbrella when it is snowing. Then one snowy day Katie said, ” lol who uses an Umbrella when it’s SNOWING???” well, me. It can be very convenient.

The rainy season hasn’t even arrived here in Kyoto yet. but already some Japanese classmates, as well as my teachers, are voicing their annoyance over the troubles they are expecting from the Tsuyu.  My painting professor almost looked sad for me after I told him I am an actually excited for it. He said: “don’t forget to drink water.”
Yep, the Tsuyu will be wet, but also very humid. And all the umbrellas are long ready for it. You see, it’s not THE rainy season yet, but still it’s pretty much rainy every other day. So people usually carry their Umbrellas around wherever they are going.
When it’s rainy over a busy street, everyone has an umbrella, and it’s a massive sea of umbrellas.! Seems like men here care about their clothing more than they do in the US, where rain is only a bit of water and you can handle it.   It’s not very manly to wet your suit in Japan, thus, Umbrella is everyone’s friend.
Even if it is a sunny day, a lot of people (especially relaxed old ladies) use it for shade.

And in case you forgot your Umbrella at home, you can buy one EVERYWHERE. Or simply borrow one. I borrowed an Umbrella from the University and still need to return it. Also, the museums I happened to visit up until now had an umbrella borrowing basket corner.
Very often I see a random umbrella leaning against a tree somewhere, I’m not sure why is that,  but I assume it also relates to the umbrella borrowing culture.

At the entrance to everywhere, there is a place you can leave your umbrella in case it’s wet and nasty, and you better leave it there before you get in.  No worries, nobody wants your nasty, wet umbrella.

p.s: I’m more of a sunny weather person, hope I’m not confusing anyone with this Umbrella love thing.

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