Imperial Park, Aoi Matsuri and some things in my room

On Tuesday I released myself from studio time early and took the train to the central Kyoto area to do some exploring. eventually, I arrived at the imperial park, which is a really big park. wow.  The emperor’s historic home palace is right in the center of it, surrounded by Chinese looking walls.

On my way there I crossed an awesome turtle bridge 
just skipping your way over turtles

my pink Toms(the only pair on sale) on a big Kame (turtle)

If you like Dragon Ball Z: Kamehameha means “Turtle Waves”, which is a running joke in Japan

There are few different entrances to the imperial park, I came through here

the park has many gardens, some of them, like the palace itself, are surrounded by walls and I couldn’t see them 😦

 people are jogging there and walking their dogs, really nice

also playing baseball (Japan Loves this game more than America)

SO,  two days later I went to the same park once again to witness the Aoi Matsuri, in English:  “the blue festival”. Which is one of the three main and apparently most important(!) festivals of Kyoto. Since there are festivals all the time here, it must mean something big, right?  The two other very important ones are the Gion Matsuri in July and the Jidai Matsuri in October. I am not going to be here in October, sadly. 
Pinyuan, Di and I, left the dorm early in the morning in order to catch a good spot to watch the festival from. And we did! Because I don’t look Asian at all, a nice looking old lady approached them in Japanese and told them how lucky they were, without looking at me.  I said “thank you” before they processed she was talking to them, she seemed so surprised. Happens a lot hehe

I have never seen a parade like this in real life before! but I did read a little about the Heian period in history books.  So it was quite marvelous for me to see the customs and listen to the prayers, oh, and the children who participated were so adorable.

We had some rain here and there, not serious though. 

babies wearing hats in the rain 
After it was over, I went back to my 2:40 PM class and made some ceramics! Productive day
And now for an entirely different setting: my dorm room! 
it is starting to feel nice and cozy

things I find where I go


3 thoughts on “Imperial Park, Aoi Matsuri and some things in my room

  1. חבל שאת לא מפרסמת את כל התמונות האלה בבלוג הישראלי שלךלמה בכלל את צריכה אחד באנגלית ואחד בעברית?


  2. the israblog's format for writing english is ridiculous. Since she's been living abroad for a while now, it might be easier for her to express some feelings in english. that and other reasons I assume


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