I visited Osaka on Saturday and it was really great. But yesterday I took the train by myself to Kibune which was amazing as well and I feel like posting about it now. Osaka will be the next post, promise.

I was actually planning on taking the train to Kurama, which is up in the mountains, the last stop of the last line.  Kyoto is officially ending there. 
But, I got off the train one station before Kurama because all the people who sat next to me stood up and got off there…The Train officer was looking at me like he was expecting me to do the same. So I did. 
I got off at Kibuneguchi station (according to the sign), which is a stop in the middle of the forest. Really magical. 

From the station, there was this one and only road leading to a forest temple, that what the sign said about it anyway.   People were walking up the mountain, so I walked after them. I noticed most of them were wearing sandals and other non walking shoes, so I figured it wasn’t going to be too much of a hike. 
I’m so glad I went with the flow,  look how beautiful.

my new second-hand sandals

Out of nowhere this hidden street with stores and restaurants appeared.

These kind of places are my favorite
Ice scream spots like this one are everywhere in Kyoto. but I’m adding this photo here for the Iwasaki Chihiro little girl drawing. 

up-up the mountain I found this really noisy temple. something was definitely going on! A performance? yes. music and dragon dancing. 
 kids were simply amazed by this fire Dragon. The dragon men were “chasing” them around. 
later on, when it was over, the two dragon guys removed their customs and just laid there on their backs, sweaty, and surrounded by happy children. 

Lovely day of unplanned adventures

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