You might know this about me, or even according to most of what I post here, i’m not very urban. I tend to prefer pastoral green moors and relaxing nature sounds. Kyoto is an exception. Though it has it’s dense areas, it is definitely one of the most unwind cities I’ve ever experienced.

Osaka on the other hand, is different. Energized and inspirited, it was way too much to explore in one day. Which is why i’m going back there this coming Wednesday.

Pinyuan reading some essential information.
The train ride from Kyoto Station took about 40 minutes. the price was surprisingly cheaper than i was expecting. 560 yen. 

plastic food for all

sad baby tool in a pet store

genki boys
the Osaka castle

and a castle performance


someone’s yard

tea and pikachu

(credits to Di)

a sign placed next to a pharmacy that tells you how a healthy poop shouldn’t look like. it also has a specific name for each kind. amazing.
 love this photo.

 let’s end this post with some special flavored ice cream 
the carrot-orange one is my favorite

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