school post

because i do actually go to school here!

i do have homework at times, and some projects here and there.

It does feel more laid back than Bard.  it might has to do with the way people are treating me as if i was a baby taking her first steps. Sometimes it seems like my teachers are afraid of the moment i’ll start crying in despair for not coping with their class.

maybe i’m taking it too far.

But really, Bard is a different story. I’m producing less physical work here, the time is ticking slower for each project. Or more like, i feel like i’m allowed to take my time. In contrast, my last semester at Bard was a craze race against time and my own sanity.
and i know my next one will be even tougher. so i let myself go here. and i do not tell my Seika teachers how way too kind they are.

Nevertheless, i am learning all the time. my new environment has a whole study body of its own. i’m learning to take care of my needs, find my ways, be patient and listen even if i do not understand.  i do learn Japanese that way, hopefully.
Last but not least, I learn that there is so much more to communication other than spoken language. Which is a great thing to keep in mind while going at it in an art school.

As a start, check out this romantic pair of lizards who can be seen all over the window next to my room, every day and night.

how about naming them?  i feel like they deserve names for their consistency.

these photos are a bit dated. from our last critique at the painting studio

 (the tree on the left is mine)
 these were amazing (!!)

my plans

and some of my work from Ceramics class. 
…it says “חמסה יפנית”. i did have a bit of a hard time explaining the nonsense behind it to my classmates.  they received it as an exotic meaningful thing.
not from school but from artbooks store in Osaka
a dragonfly eating a butterfly. my photography skills at their finest. 
(it’s on the way to school)
open campus day.
i ended up making a lamp like these above. or whatever you call them.

different lamps. these were too complicated for me to make. i did try though. 

The Textile department !

the next photos are with a big credit to Pinyuan, until i say stop:
 I’m making a thing. the teacher said it looked like a dish of yammy foods

matching to our personalities
this cutie was busy skipping around and getting all the attention the room had to offer.
another photo of my own:
that’s all for today.

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