Otsu is a very high place on the shores of the mythological lake Biwa, or Biwako. We started the day with a bunch of cable rides to and from the mountains, up and down, as well as going around some temples.

With the lack of a proper map or solid plans, we eventually found ourselves at the most rural part of Otsu. Which didn’t have much to offer to the prestige tourist beside much local staring and curiosity. Nevertheless I loved a lot of things about it. 

hopefully i will keep riding high cables when i’m a grandma like these two ladies.


the air was much cooler up there but i didn’t have anything to put on.
well, しょうがない。
this is especially for people like my dad who might be feeling a bit fainted after the cable rid(no offense aba). it checks your pulse after the rid for 100 yen( 1 dollar). it also has a chick with boobs on it so why not

up the mountain 

they are upset ’cause Japan lost to Ivory Coast today


not map

Aqua, water, the kanji for water, a picture of water, if you still have doubts what this is , this is definitely water. 
down the mountain in another cable! 
this one was like a Universal Studios ride. it has all those animal wood statues along the road.

we were following groups of High school kids down the street because they seemed to know where they were going. 

Japan also has places like this.

and the lake.

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