Tokyo 1

I do not like the common assumption that Tokyo = Japan. Japan is definitely more than Tokyo. Different parts of the country have their own unique sights, traditions, and atmosphere, which is enchanting. Tokyo has also absorbed westernization and white supremacy bullshit to the point it sometimes feels rottenly unneeded. Such as the insane amount of American celebrities on clothing and cosmetic advertisement throughout the city.

Nevertheless, Tokyo is a significant part of Japan that with all of its globalized qualities has managed to stay Japanese.

Tokyo is messy and organized at the same time. As someone who has experienced New York City, I can tell you Tokyo wins over by the number of attractions, secret corners, possibilities, tiny crammed goodies, and more. Tokyo is full of high fashion dressed ladies giggling to each other after coming out of a herb facial masks boutique, highschoolers are bolting their way through the subway stations every morning, talking loudly and mischievously placing things in each other hair.  Shops go on and off business in mysterious hours, big chunks of the city awake only at night,  tiny streets have no names sometimes, Tokyo is buzzing in a way I have never ever experienced.

Tokyo seems to have no organized structure or main ropes to hold its ongoing mess. However, it has its own comfortable order of things. Somehow. The city is kicking with a very distinctive sense of arrangement. Between the tourists and the immigrants, relaxed people are making their usual route to work, some are tired and serious like the stereotype, and some are happy and excited for the new day. 

the city beneath my feet 🙂

this was amazingly good

We went to see this Exhibition at the Mori art museum. later on we all agreed it was one of the best exhibitions we have ever seen.

photos from small hidden galleries 

at the subway



Asakusa, very near the place we stayed. 

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