the Moss Temple

Also known as Koinzan Saiho-ji and Kokedera, it is a charming Buddhist Zen temple located in Arashiyama. Or maybe not exactly in Arashiyama. We took a 10 minutes bus from Arashiyama in order to get there.

We first participated in a rite of reading a Buddhist sutra and writing our wishes on a piece of wood. I wrote mine in Hebrew hehe :). Then we were set off to explore the beautiful MOSS covered garden. So magical, green and I loved it.

Sasago, me and Komugi. Both were in my class. They invited and led us to the temple.  I wasn’t even sure where i was going on that day. 

moss close up! 

Jess is wearing a very nice red elephant dress.

Along the garden walk there were some beautiful old structures, this one was an opportunity to rest away from the sun.

(outside the temple)

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