Rokkosan and Arima

My four days at Kobe were packed with events.  My friend Ruby and I stayed together at an apartment up the mountain with three more guys: our host, a university student and a tourist. all very nice. it felt homie even though we had such a short stay. Probably more than my dorm room in Kyoto felt in four months.

Each day we explored a very different part of the area.  I will start with the last: a long long fun fun hiking day we took outside of the city, at mount Rokkosan. 

part of Kobe from above

Houses in the mountain(and mist)

beautiful branches

Ruby next to the Arima Toy Museum 

Arima is one long street in between the mountains. We went there looking for an onsen to soak in, and found this free feet hot(super hot) springs. great after the hike!

 This cute little boy sat very quietly close to us for a while. We tried to say hello and ask him for his name, in Japanese. Then his dad came by and told us that he doesn’t understand because they are Chinese.
the street

next: Kobe city!

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