A "lefti" post

I’ve been a Lefti(/ שמאלניֿֿֿ/traitor to Israel/an illogical person, etc.) ever since I heard about politics.

But actually, I’m just someone who never bought the “chosen people” bullshit. Why do we, Jews, deserve something and other don’t.

It’s very simple.

I love this country, therefore, I strongly believe that Palestinian freedom and self-determination is a key factor for the future of this place. Because without it, there is no future, for anyone. People who are having difficulty seeing this are living an illusion that will explode bloodily in their faces.

There are people who are all heart on the “other side”, Palestinians who love their children MUCH MUCH more than they hate us (… Golda you weren’t very smart), and will keep on living and loving in hurt, treasuring their culture and heritage. Because what else can they do. People live. Their spirit lives. We jews should know.

I met people with bright eyes and sad smiles who warmed my heart with their love. Who didn’t hate me even a bit when I tried my best to feel their pain.

Palestinian culture can be very warm. People welcome each other happily when they meet and wistfully when they depart, they shake warm hands, kiss your cheek, they tell you what on their hearts, truly.

Israelis are very similar. At least the way I experienced Israelis during my life. There is a lot of beauty among Israelis. Good souls. I will always carry this within me.

I was raised to fear Palestinians, to keep guard of them, to consider my own life above theirs.
I was raised to love life fervently, to treasure it, to enjoy every day of it, hold it dear, always.
I was raised third generation to the holocaust, a sick generation, a wounded generation. Frightened to blindness generation.

I am seeing the Israeli militaristic fetishism around me and I am disappointed,  I am angry, I am ashamed. I try to understand, see why, and how. How did we get here. Usually, I can see the person who speaks my language and shares my culture. See the fear. But sometimes I cannot, and I am nothing but disgusted by them.

I am seeing the Palestinian Propaganda online and I am horrified. I am anxious. I know well that some people, blinded by their own anger and fears, will be thrilled to harm me, slaughter me.

It is sad. All of it. It is bitter.

There is nothing to hold on to but to those who shine above this darkness.

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