A Visit to the Dead Sea

I visited the Dead Sea before, but this visit was special.
It was my first time getting there through the West Bank. Our bus passed hills of sand and brown spotted goats, the outskirts of Jericho. Something about the area is so serene and calming. Makes me forget my concerns and sink them deep down the back of my head. In other words: what a beautiful place.  

We went off the bus in the middle of nowhere, stripped our layers of clothing (it was at least 10 degrees warmer than Jerusalem) and followed the big blue signs along the side of the desert road. The signs stated the name of the beach we wanted to go to and what we will find there.. (“The Most Natural Dead Sea Product Collection”). Most of them were in Hebrew and some were in all three languages. We followed about ten of them until we got to the beach. Wizard of Oz blue road style.
Right before the beach, there were some outside shops and restaurants. I noticed it was an Israeli place, with all Palestinian workers and tourists from surprising corners of the planet… Weird place. There was this big AHAVA shop at the entrance. Ahava means “love” in Hebrew, a word that I truly love, but the company sells Dead Sea cosmetics only to prosperous people, oblivious foreigners or both. I wanted to get SunCream since I forgot to bring one. I spotted a bottle that I had seen in Jerusalem the day before for 40 shekels. The price tag said 120 shekels. I told this to the guy at the cashier. He gave me a knowledgeable smile “For you, I’ll sell it for half the price, 60 shekels, what do you say”. I thanked him but left the SunCream there. UV rays cannot harm you at the Dead Sea anyway.

The Dead Sea is one of the most gorgeous places in this country. It’s low and mystic, freaky as well.. Because of Minerals! 

Baby Mud 

I was super excited about standing on a beach. Living in beachless Jerusalem (especially during winter) is rough.  People are angry, religious and cold. Maybe I’m going too far… But Jerusalem really needs a beach. 

Before putting Mud on

Hi Jordan
Look at this pretty chunk of salt. I actually ate a smaller version of it. 
(If you are eating rocks at the Dead Sea don’t forget to drink loads of water with it)

I could eat and smell this for the rest of my life #passion 

More Mud 

Layers of salt over the Mud

On our way back to the Bus Stop

The Bus Stop had this next to it, a shield from run over car attacks: “Dear Citizen, in case you feel intimidated please call the army.”


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