I am still in Jerusalem and it is still crazy and unstable for me, but I feel like I am slowly finding my center. I even made some new friends. I have been busy with work and with finding people to talk to. Of course, these are not an excuse for not blogging! So in order to come here more often, I decided to make this place less personal and more focused on Art. 

What Art? Art that I like mainly, visuals that inspire me, and my personal images.  Most importantly, I challenge myself to make this a weekly thing! So, I should probably keep it short.  

More Art, less long personal stories, sounds good? Yallah, let’s do this. 
Inspired by Moana, which has to be my favorite Disney of the decade. I loved everything about it. Since water plays a big part in the film, I used watercolors.
Faces floating in surreal environments are coming back to my mind. This is a dramatic experiment with a nib and ink which I really don’t know how to use.

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