Summer and late updates

I love the summer.

And even though I have been out of school for a while, summer still feels like it breaks the rhythm of the year: a time to do something different from “sitting in class” all day.

I wish for summers to always be special.
A lot has happened since last summer: I visited Berlin(October) and the New York(Twice! December and May). I haven’t written anything about my travels even though I was planning to. Therefore, I will do it now J
I was very impressed with Berlin. I managed to fall in love with most of it (mainly coffee places, bookstores, galleries). I visited a few dark history memorials as well. I didn’t like the Holocaust memorial (those large black stones in the middle of the city), but I loved the Jewish Museum! It was truly fascinating to visit.  So many details about the life and traditions of different Jewish communities across Europe and during the ages. Israel doesn’t have anything quite like it.
Shada came to explore some street art with me, and we visited her cousin who recently moved to Berlin with her husband (she is a Palestinian Christian and he is Jewish Israeli). They reported that there is a community of young Israelis and Palestinians in Berlin who know a lot about each other. They also admitted (with big smiles) that life is much more peaceful for them in Berlin. I don’t doubt this for a minute.
New York was an adventure both times. There is something I really appreciate about New York. I do not feel at home there, but I am not a stranger to it either. It always feels too big and too exaggerated, but I find it very intellectual and liberating as well. 
A week after I returned to Israel, my parents and sister came to visit. 
It was the first time we were all here together since forever. We visited many people and places. My head was spinning a lot. My parents always meet with everybody when they come here, it’s like they know everyone.
Their presence attracts conversations from the past and people I don’t see often. As well as an old me that I have been trying to let go of.

I am not going anywhere this summer. I will be taking care of all sorts of things I hope I can tell you more about in the future.
The photos are a bit unrelated.
Recent Woodcut Prints I’ve made 

A display in New York

The Painting at the Seeds of Peace Office. I worked on it with lovely seeds last year but it recently moved to a new wall. So here it is!

Sondos and Sam who usually invite me to spots in Jerusalem I never get to on my own

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