comic talk, book talk

Japan is not all manga,  because it’s obviously not. But I do like it. A lot.

not manga books  i got my hands on

Manga is great.

i used to like many kinds when i was younger, now days, i am more selective. and it takes style and artistic freshness to capture my attention. but you can always find an enjoyable title that fits your mood.
Manga is, in fact, a great way for me ( and for anyone) to improve their Japanese language skills. I do try children books sometimes but the lack of pictures can easily cut my concentration very short.

Manga can often be, grammatically and vocabulary wise, harder than children books, but they keep the interest alive and so very visual.

Now I am going to save poor you from a long manga talk and just show you some of the manga(and not manga) I’ve collected here in Japan. It was very cheap or free.

3 volumes in one.
Brothers of Japan, hard cover.
Matsumoto Taiyo is my favorite manga artist. the guy is a bomb of creativity, smiling characters, and very surreal stories.  I have never read this work before, and this is not easy to read in Japanese

Miyuki, 100 yen, 3 volumes in one.
I have no idea what this is, but it is quite easy and cozy to read.

Ono Natsume is another favorite manga artist of mine.
A recent Matsumoto Taiyo work, not a manga but a Children book. 
it is about childhood, death, and getting old, and it has precious illustrations.

an old Japanese version of the French story “the red balloon”.

The illustrator is Iwasaki Chihiro, she died in the 70’s, but her work will always stay warm.