Summer, Spain and Stamps

At the beginning of August, I managed to take an 8-day break in Spain. I met with my parents and sister there to explore some lovely places. Having some time together with them was the most important thing. I didn’t really mind where we were going to meet when I boarded my flight. But Europe is nice. Very classy. And being out of this country for a bit felt good. 
Coming back here, I noticed the distinct colors of the land (yellows) and the roughness of all things in it. I like observing it like this, each time. 

Summer 2017, thank you for having me.  

Super nice beach. I felt like a mermaid swimming there. Pretty things under water 

These were by a local artist in Pals, Catalonia 

This is the coolest carton of milk I’ve ever seen. You see why summer is hip? 

And I made Jizo stamps 🙂

Inspired by these guys:

the Moss Temple

Also known as Koinzan Saiho-ji and Kokedera, it is a charming Buddhist Zen temple located in Arashiyama. Or maybe not exactly in Arashiyama. We took a 10 minutes bus from Arashiyama in order to get there.

We first participated in a rite of reading a Buddhist sutra and writing our wishes on a piece of wood. I wrote mine in Hebrew hehe :). Then we were set off to explore the beautiful MOSS covered garden. So magical, green and I loved it.

Sasago, me and Komugi. Both were in my class. They invited and led us to the temple.  I wasn’t even sure where i was going on that day. 

moss close up! 

Jess is wearing a very nice red elephant dress.

Along the garden walk there were some beautiful old structures, this one was an opportunity to rest away from the sun.

(outside the temple)

Higashiyama and some candles

Photos from the Uesaku Matsuri, Festival of the moon at Kurama.
There was actually no moon that night, too cloudy, but nevertheless a lot of candles.

Credits go to Pinyuan for these wonderful candle photos. My camera took a break that evening.

the festival was on the top of the mountain, so it was a bit chilly.  I was grateful for deciding to bring my coat with me on the last minute.   

photos from a day trip to Higashiyama. 

The Philosophers Path 

 All Sakura trees!  Still so beautiful even not blooming. 

My food after I ate it. SO good.
Misato painting with a branch and some ink today at the studio. looks so fun