let’s play

In the US the term “hang out” was always a bit strange. During my childhood, we said: “let’s meet” somewhere later or something, then it just happened without much of a deal. mostly it wasn’t even planned out or anything. then again Israel is small, and the place I grew up in is specifically very small.  thus pretty easy and acceptable to find anyone.
well, I never was much of a social creature, still I don’t think there is an equivalent in Hebrew to “let’s hang”. Maybe it’s just me, or the “lateness” of it. but it seems like a very specific definition given to the time spent together. I mean, aren’t we hanging together right now as well? don’t you feel nice about it right now?
maybe it doesn’t worth anything with no alcohol involved. also, why so formal dude?

Another thing I find very formal and specific about the “hang” thing is that it’s not for kids. kids go and play after school, adult kids go hang out. you don’t say “let’s play together” if you are already in middle school, that’s lame.
My Japanese is very limited and I wish I was more capable of holding a conversation. but from what I know, formality can be the soul and spirit of whatever you are trying to say sometimes. Which is why I was surprised to witness many fellows, my age and older, saying  “遊びに行こう” or “遊ぼう” all the time.  Asobou! , a very plain and simple way to say “Let’s play” together. Meaning let’s do fun things when we are not busy.  

There is probably a joke here, but the fact that it’s so common makes me love it. 


I find coming here instead of comfortably rambling myself at my old Hebrew blog, the way I’ve been doing for years, rather difficult.

I always feel like I make absolutely no sense in English. Writing in English sometimes feels like a painting process with only two primary colors. Yes, I do fear someone will read this and judge me, as my language is often misunderstood, it happens to me frequently when I speak. 

Yet, I have plenty of reasons to stick with blogging, and for that, I will have to accept the challenge.
I am blogging to get some things off my chest. I am also blogging because I am so good at losing connections with people thanks to all the moving around I have been doing for the past years. Friends from Israel and other schools I went to in the US might not read here, but I like to think that they do. I like to think that I do have this one solid place where I can tell them all about what’s going on with me. Stability and a sense of familiarity are things I feel I am lacking. That is why, maybe, I stick to my old blog so firmly.

Last but not least, two months from now, I’m going to be in Japan for a while,  You have no idea how excited I am for it, and I would like to write about my experience there, here, in English.

I’m going through a significant period of time in my life. I am changing. I am slowly finding what I like to do,  as well as being part of these new places and communities.

I know there is more to come.! 

portraits of friends, Acrylic on paper:

An est em manga I am struggling to read(no furigana)

Kanji of the day:
台風 stand(stage)+wind= typhoon

絶対 to discontinue+ opposite= definitely

Foreign Letters

A bliss of a small film telling the story of an Israeli girl (She is basically me) coming to the US. She is all very (very) lost and misses Hebrew and all the other things. But then she becomes best friends with this sweet Vietnamese girl and they are happy ever after

More or less how I write. the struggle