the Moss Temple

Also known as Koinzan Saiho-ji and Kokedera, it is a charming Buddhist Zen temple located in Arashiyama. Or maybe not exactly in Arashiyama. We took a 10 minutes bus from Arashiyama in order to get there.

We first participated in a rite of reading a Buddhist sutra and writing our wishes on a piece of wood. I wrote mine in Hebrew hehe :). Then we were set off to explore the beautiful MOSS covered garden. So magical, green and I loved it.

Sasago, me and Komugi. Both were in my class. They invited and led us to the temple.  I wasn’t even sure where i was going on that day. 

moss close up! 

Jess is wearing a very nice red elephant dress.

Along the garden walk there were some beautiful old structures, this one was an opportunity to rest away from the sun.

(outside the temple)


This post is about shopping and things.  I got the inspiration from two books I started reading lately: “Minimalism” and “A Different Kind of Luxury”.  The first talks about how consumerism doesn’t make us delighted about life, and the latter deals with similar issues but focuses on Japan and the lifestyle of few people who prefer to live slow and modest up the mountains and far away from the urban craze.

Thanks to my recent readings I feel bad about everything I ever bought here in Japan, and throughout my life.

I did not buy that much, but in the western world, we can always try to buy a bit less.

Japan can be super expensive, but it can also be cheap. What makes the difference are the numerous options for each kind of product or food you can think of.  Many times the cheap ones are as good as the expensive (especially ramen yumm).
The possibilities for shopping in Kyoto alone are overwhelming. That’s why this post will be limited to a local supermarket and a Loft shopping arcade.
I am not familiar with Loft myself. Israel doesn’t have them (I might be wrong. I was never a big shopping expert.) and I’ve never encountered one in the US.  But I’m assuming it should be a very usual zone to Westerners.

Japan can be very healthy if you eat seaweed all day(which I love). However, a major nutrition downfall here is that ANYTHING, but anything, can come out of a cup noodle packing. 
It might save some time and cash, but it is NOT good for you. 
surprise! Something you were not expecting to find in a Japanese supermarket, Sushi. 
tea stuff
Japan put me under this spell of drinking green tea until I die.

fish and loads of Omega 3

more fish.
(there is much more than that of course)
meat is also available

for your salad

(I prefer olive oil and lemon) 


Love those caps

the first Loft floor (1 out of 8)


They made a family

Most people in America will never understand how excited these things make me. Maybe European folks will. 

Okay! this is the best part !
Japan is heaven for stickers, stamps, paper, wrapping bags, envelopes, and all such things. 
It is a very serious business here and probably my favorite thing about Japan
(wait maybe I need to think about it)


 stamps stamps

ink ink

many many pens


So even if you don’t need a cover for your Tissue Box or never thought about something like this you must get one 

Fushimi Inari

 i suppose my second Tokyo update is a bit late, but it will arrive sooner or later.

Fushimi Inari-taisha is a magical place. It is also the main shrine of mount Inari. But the mountain is full of other shrines, houses, and wonderful things.  It considered to be one of Kyotos, and Japan, main attractions. In addition, it is 100% FREE of charges (for the downer, i received a lot of bug bites on my left leg).

so i’m not sure why i didn’t visit sooner.

i took the train to Demachiyanagi station, from there i was about to take the Keihan line to the “Fushimi Inari station”. Cannot get any simpler than this to get to a place.
However, i made a mistake and jumped into the express train, which skipped over 8 stops just like that and brought me to a far away side of town. i grabbed a hold of myself, no crying, and quickly jumped back into a Local train, which didn’t skip anything.!  Local trains make me happy.

nice weather

loads of Kitsune (foxes) 

at times, anime characters might jump at you from surprising junctions

i love how the ‘please don’t touch’ is only in english

the illustrious tunnels are indeed marvelously long. about two hours hike inside. 

i cut my way out at some spots for a change of atmosphere

chilling at the graveyard

hello, anyone home? 
nobody was there, but the fan was working quite loudly

at some point i drifted off track and went on taking photos of private houses 
look at this beautiful thing, right out of a fairy tail 

mysterious display

street corners like this one are of my favorite things about Japan.

bought this charming green guy, and a cube of 10% alcohol.  i’m pleased.