Summer, Spain and Stamps

At the beginning of August, I managed to take an 8-day break in Spain. I met with my parents and sister there to explore some lovely places. Having some time together with them was the most important thing. I didn’t really mind where we were going to meet when I boarded my flight. But Europe is nice. Very classy. And being out of this country for a bit felt good. 
Coming back here, I noticed the distinct colors of the land (yellows) and the roughness of all things in it. I like observing it like this, each time. 

Summer 2017, thank you for having me.  

Super nice beach. I felt like a mermaid swimming there. Pretty things under water 

These were by a local artist in Pals, Catalonia 

This is the coolest carton of milk I’ve ever seen. You see why summer is hip? 

And I made Jizo stamps 🙂

Inspired by these guys:


I have been back in America for a while now, trying to adjust to it all over again.  I have never actually… adjusted to it.  

I’m just slow. I still strike everyone here as an obvious foreigner each time I go anywhere. Starbucks, the doctor, the supermarket. People hear my accent and get SO alarmed, or curious(which I prefer). They give me this surprised look!  Israel is almost never on the list of guesses to where I’m from, and if it is, well, how intelligent of them.

I don’t know what is my problem exactly.  I mean, I lived in the United States for a WHILE. Yet, it seems to be getting worst: my accent, my mentality about the situation, the food. I used to be anxious about this, Thinking: “Efrat, you must stop being so obvious. Act American.”.  But I  learned to give it a rest and just let myself be. I guess I am slow.  that’s ok.

I have to admit though, I never tried too hard: many of my friends in college were foreigners, and I studied about China and Japan most of the time in AMERICA. I am very close with my parents who are more Israeli than me (experience wise) and to whom I talk way too often about too many things. In addition, I never watched Gossip Girl!

But I do enjoy season 6 of Game of Thrones these days, yes!

With all due respect to these minor issues, the amount of luck that I have, being able to simply jump to America like this, stay and be,  is enormous. I am the only one in my family with this privilege. Which I got by luck. As I grow older, I get to understand my luck again and again. 

When I was little I was bullied a bit about this in the Kibbutz: “You are not a real Sabra” some kiddos said. Which made no sense to me, of course I am!,  I thought, what else can I be. The answer is:  So many things.

Trump or not Trump, America is to me, and will stay, a refuge, a place to rest and clear my mind. Truly, the land of the free. Though our relationship is subject to change. 

As I travel around the US and meet people, who speak and think unlike me, who teach unlike what I was taught, who inspire me, make me happy, or hurt me deeply ( I am sensitive. Not a Sabra at all in this regard.), I realize that in the end, I go back to my roots, and I learn to value them, to pull strength from them. It doesn’t matter where I am. 

I have to create my own balance. Define myself, without letting others do it for me. Then, I don’t feel like a stranger anywhere. 
It takes time. But it is ok to be slow.

I hope that as I become even older, busier and in love with the people around me, a bit more in love with myself as well maybe, I will find the time to look back at this period and see that it was healthy.

A piece from the SVA Chelsea Gallery beautiful Illustration exhibition I visited today

exploring Vermont

This is the northest american state i’ve ever been to and its somehow pretty cold here even though it is the middle of August. there are Ski places everywhere and the whole area seems to be extremely popular during winter. but summer is also quite lovely.

“before buying a phone, please test at front desk for working condition.”

such a sweetie

the bear house


and inside

surrounded by brats